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B2A Facilitator Training Manual

B2A have 17 years experience in training children & young people, their parents, school staff and multi-disciplinary professionals in a range of programmes to enhance resilience, well-being and educational achievment.


These B2A training programmes have now been developed into the B2A Facilitator Training Manual, designed as a resource for professionals wishing to facilitate training and workshops within thier organisations.


Pack 1 contains the guidance you need to deliver:

Internet Awarenes & Safety Workshops for Parents

MDSA Training

Peer Support in Primary School.


In additon to our Facilitator Training Manual, B2A offers a 'Train the Trainer' course shuld you wish to fully develop and build your organisations capacity to deliver training programmes - click on the button to see details of offers on our training materials and courses.

Internet Awareness & Safety Workshop for Parents

Pack 1 contains the PowerPoint presentation to deliver an informative, user-friendly guide to enable parents to identify and cope with issues affecting their children when accessing the internet and social media.  Guidlines, advice, a session plan and handouts are included in the pack.

MDSA Training

Peer Support in Primary School

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Midday Supervisors often have little or no formal training to carry out their duties. Pack 1 contains presentations with accompanying  plans to deliver a lively and engaing programme over 6 sessions.  Suggestions for activities and action plans are included in the pack.

HeadsUp & HEROs are long established peer support programmes delivered by B2A staff.  Used in tandem with the advice given in Pack 1, facilitators have all they need - presentations, video clips, activities and handouts to deliver and embed peer support in school.

B2A Facilitator Training Manual

Pack 1