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Believe to Achieve, The Workspace, All Saints Road, Wolverhampton, WV2 1EL               Charity number: 1084066

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The idea to create an energetic charity to enable children and their families to realise their full potential was sparked in 2001.  I realised I could establish a project to inspire children and their families in Wolverhampton, beginning with the All Saints & Blakenhall Area, as this was where I worked.


I felt that something positive should come out of the awful attack that took place in 1996 while I was a nursery nurse at St Luke's Primary School.  This was a difficult time not only for the school but also for the community.


I thought about why so many of us, young and old, suffer with low self-esteem, how it is an important element and the reason many people do not realise their full potential.  I believe that it is important to work with children while they are young to build their confidence from an early age.


The project targets children at primary school and works alongside their families, so it will have a greater effect, not only as a child but through to their adult lives.


It has been amazing to watch the idea I had, all those years ago, develop and grow into the supportive and energetic organisation it is today.  It is all due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the B2A staff and to the incredible support and commitment from volunteers, parents, carers and schools that B2A is now recognised as a charity that makes a real and positive differnece to children's lives!


A message from our founder Lisa Potts

Lisa Potts

Founder, Believe to Achieve

10th anniversary celebration with Lisa Potts, 2011